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The EUROPEAN JESUIT SCHOOLS NETWORK. The local, regional and global networks are more and more linked and can benefit from each other. You can visit the new global platform : EDUCATE MAGIS You will find here information on the 159 Jesuit schools in Europe, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to add extra data or to amend details on your school. Wishing you the very best

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  • CAN WE TALK ABOUT JESUS? – Jesuit schools in a multi-faith context
    CAN WE TALK ABOUT JESUS? – Jesuit schools in a multi-faith context

    "Jesuit schools are to create opportunities for students to ‘bump into’ the person of Jesus." Over 120 Jesuit school principals gathered in the Loyola Retreat Centre from 27th February to 2nd March to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the religious plurality in Europe pose for their schools in the countries they serve. The objective of the Jesuit Secondary Education Conference (JECSE) this time was to discuss the question “Can we talk about Jesus – Jesuit schools in a multi-faith context?” P. Ferenc Holczinger SJ, Hungarian delegate and member of the steering committee noted that education is a priority and significant structure for the Society of Jesus in fulfilling their mission, as it was emphasized by Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ at the congress for Jesuit education delegates held in Rio de Janeiro in October 2017. ( PHOTO GALLERY)

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  • Formators conference

    Place: Drongen (Belgium),  Dates : 2018 march 21. (6pm) – 23. (4pm). Lead speaker Renilde Vos. In continuity with the JESEDU global meeting in Rio, our purpose is to deepen the way of being Ignatian in a secularised context. Can we find new ways, new words, in order to meet the spiritual needs? Renilde Vos will introduce us to her work with the Spiritual Exercises in an alternative way. In the past Renilde Vos used to work both as a teacher in religious education and as deputy head of the parish connected to the Catholic University in Leuven (Belgium). Click HERE for more about the conference..

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